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Tak Primary Educational Service Area Office 2 (PESAO TAK-2) is only the government department authorized to coordinate, promote and support basic education in 5 districts areas namely Maesot, Phobphra, Mae Ramat, Tha Song Yang and Umphang , locating in Tak province. The area is bordering to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, so several thousands of Myanmar people migrate to the border of Thailand every year for a chance of better career.

As always, children are along with their parents on migrating, and different challenges and lacking have led migrant children to be vulnerable in their education. Some can be enrolled in Thai school; meanwhile, many others fail to meet the opportunity due to a series of issues including being undocumented. However, migrant learning centers (MLCs), operating with support of educational organizations and NGOs along the border, have been opening access to education for the rest of undocumented migrant children who cannot be enrolled into Thai schools. In 2006, PESAO TAK-2 found that MLCs along the border were running illegally and most teachers and staffs were being undocumented.  In addition, Myanmar education curriculum was being taught illegally, and no government education agency was there to take care or support them.

Thus, PESAO TAK-2 decided to establish a coordination center to manage and control those learning centers. On May 8, 2012, an organization was established and named as Thai-Myanmar-Karen Education Coordination Center. Later, it had been changed to MECC (Migrant Educational Center).

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MECC is to be a coordination center, a bridge and to support education for migrant children in five border districts of TAk province.


Create the educational opportunities for migrant children and collaborate with government agencies, NGOs, INGOs and CBOs to take care of migrant children in five border districts of TAK province.

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MECC is to enable migrant children to access education pathways depending on their prefer curriculum, support migrant children to become a good person and to live happily in society.

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  • Observe operating conditions Problems and Obstacles of the MLCs, the social condition of migrant children, roles and duties of government agencies and private organizations.

  • Collaborate with network partners, both public and private sectors according to the role of coordinating the work plan.

  • Developed by working together to solve the problems of migrant children and the learning center for migrant children

  • Follow up on the effects of foreign children both in terms of educational opportunities, legal status safety and health.

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